Monday, 3 October 2011

Medium Level 3 - The Hat (Version Two)

This is one of the hardest levels in my opinion but that makes it one of the most enjoyable. I play it a lot and this is one solution that works, at least on iPhone 3G. Sometimes it gets a bit close to the mark on level 20 but once you have got past there you are home and dry.

I link the blasters and lasers to the Vortex Tower and after level 20 get the Vortex to level 7. Don't bother linking the missile towers.

Before you get to Level 20 make sure you have at least one Shock Tower up to level 7 near the end otherwise some will slip through. Also have a Blaster Tower at level 7 near the end so it only fires when the critters get close to the exit.

If you still have problems at level 20 try playing around with more blasters near the exit or getting two Shock towers to level 7.

There you go - no lives lost.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Medium Level 2 - Gordy Take Three

The two lasers can do a lot to help at the beginning - line them up well.

Having two means that one can keep firing while the other is upgraded.

Build one laser up to 7 and build the blaster up to 7 for optimum range. The laser in the top right corner needs to be lined up so that it is at the correct angle to shoot down the angled line as the critters move away from it.

Add more blaster towers and upgrade them to 7.

Now we've added a missile tower at the bottom left. Get it up to at least level 5 which means  each bomb is not wasted. Level 6 is best but don't go to level 7 as it's too slow.

Another missile tower. Get them all up to level 6.

This is what we've been working towards. Plenty of shock towers as the critters get very fast towards the end.

This is when it gets fun.

Level complete with no loss of life.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hard Level 13: Twister

Waves: 14
Lives: 1
Cash: $50

You only have one life on this level so be careful! There is only one tower which can quickly and effectively slice through creeps on their straight paths, so that is what I've concentrated on. You need to set each laser up very accurately so that its ray will shoot straight along the DOWNWARD path it is next to. That way it will slice through more creeps as they move away from it. It takes practice to do this.

You will be quite safe if you just stick to lasers for the first few waves. You can see how the top right laser is slicing through lots of creeps at once.

By about level 6 you need to leave enough dollars to buy some blaster towers. These need to quickly be upgraded to level 7 in order to kill the ones that I call the "impervious creeps". As you can see the blaster bullets are diverted around them - except for level 7.

This level took many hours to beat.

Monday, 27 September 2010

DLC Medium Level 2 Walking Stick


I tried doing this with a minimal number of towers but in the end had to give up.  Just give it all you've got. Lots of Vortex Towers help with extra energy.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Medium Level 2 - Gordy - Take Two

Another way of completing this level - I plan to post a video soon - just waiting for my tripod to be delivered!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

DLC Hard Level 2 Hide 'n' Seek

Waves: 13
Lives: 5
Cash: $110

Well, I've done the level and it wasn't too bad once I realised that you need to get as many Blaster Towers (green) up to level 7 as quickly as possible.  That's because anything less than that just bounces off the little round critters. Work quickly and get some vortex towers linked up to the blasters for extra pizzazz.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010